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Autumn Breeze Dachshunds

What to Expect


I am a stay at home Doxie mom. Autumn Breeze Dachshunds specializes in long haired miniature dachshunds. Once the little ones arrive they will be raised in our bedroom until about 3 weeks of age, and we will move them into our living area so they can be acquainted with normal everyday surroundings that will help with their socialization.  Around 3 to 4 weeks of age we introduce kibble. This is to start the introduction of puppy food.  We will begin the weaning process around 6 weeks of age depending on each puppy.  Our babies will have a lot of different play toys, tunnels, and puppy beds and blankets for comfort and stimulated playtime fun. We transition the babies as they grow into larger pens allowing for a more active play as they grow. Puppy potty training is introduced very early in the form of a litter box with alfalfa or paper pellets. We will not take the babies outside to keep them as safe as we can until all vaccines are administered. This is done ONLY for the safety of our babies to assure they come to you a healthy happy pup.   Each of our babies are loved and handled every single day by myself and family members.  We try to assure that your new baby will come to you very socialized, spoiled and ready for their new home.  We will evaluate every puppy before they are allowed to leave our care to make sure they are healthy and ready for their journey home.  Worming at 2,4 6, and 8 weeks of age.  If puppies stay with us longer we will administer accordingly.  Your puppy will also go home with some of his or her vaccinations.  Below is a list of what will go home with your new addition.


Appropriate Vaccinations 


Worming at 2,4,6, and 8 weeks


Puppy pack includes toy, treat and blanket


Vet Health Certificate

1 year health guarantee


Lifetime support and advise

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