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Autumn Breeze Dachshunds



ROUTINE,ROUTINE,ROUTINE. Establish a routine and stick to it. Choose set "wake" and "bedtimes" early on so there's no confusion. Speak with your breeder and get a feel for their routine so you can try to make the transition easier.

2.SAFE SPACE! It's important to keep in mind that puppies are in fact baby animals that love to explore. Puppies are curious and learning as they grow and can get into all sorts of stuff. Get down to puppy level to make sure anything that's not "allowed" is picked up and that cords and outlets are blocked off from access. Where puppies travel,they also eliminate..keep that in mind. Choosing to crate train for security is excellent,but playpens also work wonders when you cant directly supervise.

3.CHOOSE THE POOP PLACE- Picking a place in your yard or a consistent place to set a potty pad is important early on. Establishing routines helps in all areas with puppy raising. So pick a spot and take pup back there to eliminate until it is solidified in routine.

Picking a que word or command is important for positive association. We use "go peepee" and as soon as they go we get excited and praise potty ,no praise. And we stand there til it happens(this can take time the first few potty visits so be patient).. no play,no chit chat. We're there for business to "go pee pee".(lol)

4. POTTY COMES-but not always outside. As your pup transitions to your home there is some confusion at times but stay patient and continue steps above. Making sure to thoughally clean any messes in undesigrated areas. Residue odor alters your pup to a "potty place". Sometimes puppies that poop inside all day long are out of routine Someplace. Are you feeding off schedule? Are you not running puppy out within 15 mins of eating/drinking/playing/waking? Is puppy experiencing an upset stomach because change in environment or food? Too much freedoms and alone time without proper guidence? All of these things come into play when HOUSEBREAKING puppies.

5. PUPPIES POOP- This we know. They're cute,they have to eat to grow and poop happens. We don't want it in our homes in abundance so we must follow steps to keep order and peace for everyone. Accidents will happen,ignore the puppy while cleaning them up. Does puppy poop in kennel/crate?-Might mean it's too large for puppy,or too much freedom/open area.

Be patient and keep going. Dogs are den animals and inheritedly want to keep the den clean so it just takes a little nudge in the right direction to find success. Dachshunds aren't as difficult to housetrain as some would like you to believe. 😉written by- Chris KRZ DACHSHUNDS

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