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Autumn Breeze Dachshunds

Meet Our Newest Parents


   We lost our beautiful Lucy unexpectedly due to a brain tumor and our world was rocked! For weeks we grieved and knew we still had lots of love to give. We have always rescued our dachshunds however this time I really wanted to use a breeder. The choice was obvious to both of us. We have been following Kim from Autumn Breeze for several years admiring her love and dedication to the breed. Just take a look at her pictures and you can feel the love and care she gives each one!💕 So in October of 2022 we reached out to her and initially asked about an adult dog but she didn’t have one retiring. So we set out to Mo to meet our black and cream girl Maize! Instant love for Kim and Maize!
   We knew after a few months Maize needed a friend so back to Mo in March of 2023 to get our chocolate girl Reese! She is definitely our wild child!!!
Finally after seeing beautiful Liyza retiring we knew she belonged with us! I reached out once again to Kim and with both prayed about her! Thankfully Liyza is thriving with us and we couldn’t be happier!
   Kim is absolutely the best breeder you will find! Her enthusiasm when discussing her dogs is like no other! You not only get a pet but a great friend as well!
Thank you so much Kim for all you do and we love you!!!
Tim Susan Harley Maize Reese and Little Liyza Jane





















Miranda & Bryce



     Thank you so much for going above & beyond with our experience buying a puppy from you. We appreciate all the communication & information you have provided from the moment the litter was born, as well as the almost-daily updates/photos/videos of the pups growing up, and lastly, creating a group chat to stay in touch with the other pawrents. We are so grateful for all the quality time you spent with the puppies each and every day and sacrificing your home/personal space to raise the pups in a safe environment. It is very obvious that you put a lot of thought and care into your breeding practices & raising pups in loving home until they are handed off to their furever home! Thank you for putting your whole heart into this!

     Much love & puppy licks, the pawrents of Panini.
















Grace O'Connor Morgan


I cannot say enough great things about Kim and Autumn Breeze Dachshunds! This was the first time I’ve ever gotten a puppy from a breeder and it was truly the best experience. Our little Motley is everything we could have wanted and more. The whole process was wonderful with Kim. We got almost daily updates of our baby and she did the cutest photo shoots whenever they turned another week old. She also made a group chat with all the litter mate parents which was so fun.  She truly LOVES every single one of these babies and it shows.  Her husband transported our baby to us and he was also extremely kind.  Our puppy got to us happy, healthy, and playful.  I would recommend Autumn Breeze Dachshunds to anyone!

Julie Carlson


Autumn Breeze Dachshund


We got our 3rd dachshund from ABD. I felt really good about this breeder from the beginning. Kim asked for pictures of our home as well as several conversations. She really genuinely cared where her puppies were going!  She also loves keeping up with them with pictures and updates! She started a group chat with all of the litter mates so we can all keep up with the siblings! It’s been an absolute wonderful experience!



Naudia Luviano


Thank you so much Kim. You produce the most beautiful puppies. Don’t know how you do it but your program is amazing. After all of the time I spent researching hobby breeders you have the best program in the country, really. I looked high and low and yours was the most trustworthy, and happy feeling. So proud that I was able to get my dream girl from you.



Mimi Vaskovicova


We welcomed Goofy at 8 weeks to our fur family on February 22, 2022. He is a precious little boy with lots of energy, playful, healthy, and smart above all. Whether it’s going to hikes or staying inside to play with his fur siblings, Goofy is joyful and burst of joy. He loves to cuddle, sleeps through the night and enjoy human interaction. As to the breeder, Kim is very friendly, organized, gives periodic updates, and follows up after pups leave home to ensure they are happy and healthy. If I decide to have another pup in the future, we for sure would come back to Kim. You don’t have to look any further because Kim is as good as it gets in your search for a miniature dachshund. I owned dachshunds my entire life and Kim’s breeding produces outstanding offsprings. Mimi



Trinity Acousta


After endlessly searching for trustable breeders, I finally came across Kim with Autumn Breeze Dachshunds. I will admit, I had some part of me that was a little cautious, due to the endless amounts of scammers, but she was there to reassure me a numerous amount of times with pictures and videos. I am so happy to find my sweet boy, Kenobi! He’s incredibly energetic, loves to give kisses, & is a big cuddle bug! I will forever thank Kim for allowing me to love this sweet boy and bring him into a loving home!



Sheila Rooney

After losing our long-haired, English Crème dachshund, we were devastated and didn’t know where to turn as that breeder was gone. We searched and searched for another breeder, then we were referred to Kim Collins. Right away, we joined her waiting list and my husband picked out a pup from one of upcoming pairings. That was September of 2020. Finally, they paired and by March 2021, we had our perfect pup. As each week passed, we were sent photos of our growing puppy. This weekly photo was the light of our week. Kim takes the best photos, so sweet and dreamy. These are studio, professional photos, real keepsakes. We live two states over so we planned our road trip to pick up our sweet little guy. But there’s something so special about Kim and the support she gives. Kim goes beyond the normal breeder and is truly a friend. We decided to get a buddy for our new little pup and proceeded choosing another male only two months apart. We did two trips from Colorado to Missouri and loved every bit of it. Autumn Breeze Dachshunds are amazing dogs. We have Calvin and Hobbes, and they are quite entertaining, gorgeous and loveable dachshunds. They have us laughing every day. Life is so much better knowing we chose an amazing breeder.







Kim at Autumn Breeze Dachshunds was wonderful to work with! After losing our sweet doxie of 15 years, we wanted to find an ethical breeder to help us bring a new puppy into our home. Kim treats her dogs like they are family! The puppies are socialized early and the Mamas and Papa dogs are treated like royalty. Kim was easy to keep in touch with and answered any questions I had quickly. She was great about sending photos and videos of the puppies regularly which helped us feel connected to our dog very early on. I highly recommend Autumn Breeze to anyone looking for a fluffy new friend to bring into their family.

Shari Olsen

You truly,  truly are one of the most loving,  and kind people I have ever met...there is no doubt why you do what you do, and no doubt why God lead me to you! This is more than getting a puppy from just some reputable me...this is absolutely why God lead me to you...a truly thoughtful,  loving,  caring dedicated!!! I love you my Sister in Christ.



Kim with Autumn Breeze Dachshunds has developed the most supportive and informational program to adopt one of her puppies. Not only does she interview every applicant to ensure the puppy will be going to a safe and happy home, she also makes sure the adopters lifestyle fits for a dachshund. On top of this very careful screening process, she proceeds to take the time to educate the families on the current diet the puppies are on before they arrive to their new home and as to why she chooses to feed those products. Kim supplied photos of my own pup, Darla, every week after she was born and continued to grow. What a special experience to be able to see photos from every stage of my girls life. There is no other breeder that I have experienced who is as educated and caring as Kim. She has put in place the best practices, answered any and every question I had and still remains in touch as her puppy has moved on to its new home. Along with this information, her puppies have beautiful long coats, are extremely healthy and intelligent. When it came down to pick up, my flights had been switched around and Kim got to me with a 45 minute notice. She truly goes the extra mile from start to finish. Kim, I cannot thank you enough! I cannot wait to adopt another addition to my family from you. 🐾🤍

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