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Autumn Breeze Dachshunds
Available Adults

Autumn Breeze Dachsunds has adults available from time to time, and require the same procedure as obtaining a puppy.  We ask you fill out a puppy app and send photos of your home and yard as well as a phone call. Our adults at Autumn Breeze Dachshunds are very special and we want to make sure each one will go to the best fit for you and them.  We know each of their personalities and will try our best to make sure they are going to the right loving home. We try to announce our adults earlier than they are ready so that we can get to know each potential new owner.  Please inquire here at Autumn Breeze Dachshunds ahead of time if interested as we do like to develope an ongoing relationship with the new owners before its time for our big babies to leave us    :( :(

If any become available we will post below.


Sienna, Gorgeous shaded red European import
D.O.B  5/15/2022


Harlee our beautiful chocolate piebald
D.O.B 8/24/21

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